Friday, June 14, 2013


My pal Chico was the only one left.
The only one who remembered…
The only one who could confirm
That she was my soul mate.

Oh, God.
Inside, the inevitable is happening.
I’m an outsider.
I missed my chance.

The pastor is saying his lines:
If anyone has any objection
To these two being wed
Please speak now
Or forever hold your peace

Chico is laughing
Holding your piece
Ha, ha, ha

I want to throw a brick
Through the stained glass window

Hey preacherman!

Hey all you stupid motherfuckers!!

Stop the wedding!!!

We weren’t invited
Still, we dressed in tuxedos
And now we’re smoking pot in the bushes
Outside of the church

My lady looks so beautiful
When she leaves the chapel
With that thief
She calls her man

Chico yells “I love you
As the rice and flowers get thrown
As the car leaves with the cans hanging off the bumper

She’s gone.
At least I still got Chico.
I put my arm around his shoulder as he pukes.

My bud.

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