Friday, June 14, 2013

Daytona Fun

For once I felt alright
with sand in my jeans
and echoes of a rollercoaster nearby

There is confidence in taking off
And I am never more brave
Then when I am leaving a place

Late night talking to a stranger
A foreigner with class
Can I lure her back to my rented trailer
Indeed, I can!

She spoke to me passionately in French
I couldn't understand a word she was saying
But it sounded gentle and sexy

We just cuddled
I didn't mind
I still got to touch her body
and I liked the way she kissed me

I wanted to do it.
But she was married.
And already having an affair with another man.
It was just a temporary distraction.
Please allow me to distract.

In the morning, I watched her dress.
She held my hand and gave me a rock from outside
to remember her by.
Any object can have sentimental value.
But a rock?
I didn't keep it.

Instead I drew a cartoon of her
which I keep pinned up in my office

I don't even remember her name.

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